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Please accept my personal welcome to Professional Moneta International.
As a feminine business leader offering mindfulness approaches to marketing public relations, I am your strategist, coach and consultant. I'm committed to help you step fully into your power and realize your highest and best potentials through your business. In addition to complementary services, which I call "Goddess Give-aways," I offer a range of classes, workshops, teleseminars, and one-on-one individualized programs for my clients. In each case, my goal is to provide a high quality experience focused on mindful marketing and decisive action.
At the *priceless* level, I provide free materials designed to deepen your work, bringing your uniqueness more fully into your business. These include the beloved newsletter, Moneta Money Goddess Messages, and a range of articles, e-courses or audio tracks, and teleseminars. To take part in these, you have only to opt in. Additionally, I create learning opportunities in a range of knowledge and price levels in order to be in service to my clients through my practice.
To check in with me  personally about any opportunity, just hit "respond" to any Professional Moneta communication.
Abundant Blessings,
Sherri Moneta

Sherri L. McLendon, MA OM
Professional Moneta International


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